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Rights And Responsibilities

We at Breach Candy Hospital, aim at providing quality care to you, irrespective of who you are or where you come from. We respect your individuality and dignity, and indeed, “You care is our concern”. It is our goal to ensure that, your rights as a patient are respected, at all times.

Right to be adequately informed about your health care.

  • The doctor will discuss with you, your illness, possible treatment and alternatives, and the likely outcome before and during treatment, in a language understandable to you. You will be informed about the approximate cost of treatment.
  • Information on the safe and effective use of medication and potential side effects, diet and nutrition, immunizations required, possible complications and its prevention would be given to you.
  • The names of doctors, nurses and other staff directly involved in your care will be made known to you on request.
  • The hospital charges and payment methods at the commencement of treatment and any changes thereafter will be made known to you in an understandable language. You may question the accuracy of the bills if you think necessary.
  • Your medical records may be reviewed, or a copy obtained as per the set regulations, except when restricted by law.

Right to privacy and upkeep of dignity.

  • All the employees of the hospital will treat you respectfully.
  • The hospital will give you the necessary healthcare services, to the best of its ability.
  • Your privacy will be respected with regards to consultation, case discussion examination and treatment. Within the confines of the law, all communications and documents pertaining to your treatment will be treated as confidential.
  • The hospital will provide prompt lifesaving treatment in an emergency without any account of economic status or source of payment.
  • Any instance of physical abuse, or neglect in care delivery, will be addressed as promptly as possible.

Right to be involved in decision affecting your health care.

  • You may choose the doctor who will treat you.
  • A written consent will be taken from you (from relatives in case of minors mentally challenged, or where patient is unable to give a consent), prior to the start of a specific non-emergency procedure, after your doctor has explained the details of the procedure.

Right to refuse treatment.

  • You may refuse any procedure, drug or treatment and be informed about the consequences of such a refusal.
  • You may choose to take a second opinion at your own expense.
  • You may leave the hospital, against the advice of your doctor, after signing the ‘Discharge Against Medical Advice’ form. However, neither the doctor nor the hospital will be responsible for the consequences.

Right to notify your grievances.

  • Any complaints with regard to violation of your rights may be voiced to the hospital authorities at any time. You may use the inpatient feedback for the same. The hospital will address these at the earliest possible, without any harm or penalty to you.
  • To provide complete, accurate and adequate demographic and health information, and any other information that the hospital may ask for.
  • To follow the treatment plan as advised, and express your concerns about it, if any. Ask for clarifications on any medical advice that is not clear.
  • To treat the hospital staff, other patient and visitors with understanding and respect, and ensure that your visitors do the same. Respect other patient’s rights as well.
  • To observe all the rules of the hospital; particularly ones with regard to smoking, noise, use of cell phones and visiting hours.
  • To observe all the rules of the hospital; particularly ones with regard to smoking, noise, use of cell phones and visiting hours.
  • To avoid carrying any valuables with you during your stay.
  • To accept the outcomes of refusing treatment, or not following doctor’s advice.
  • To be prompt in paying the hospital and doctors’ bills.
  • For all services rendered in the hospital (incl. doctors’ Fees) you will make payment to the hospital only and not to anyone else.

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