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Corporate Process



Breach Candy Hospital Trust has emerged as a preferred healthcare provider for employees of many corporate houses. The biggest and the best companies have for long trusted us for provision of hassle free healthcare for their employees and family members. Empanelment with us ensures fast track admission and cashless hospitalization in case there is an emergency.

Planned Hospitalization

  • The patient needs to submit the credit letter from the corporate which is duly signed by the authorized signatory.
  • The credit letter should mention the name of the patient, entitled class of accommodation, validity of letter and other details as per the MOU between the hospital and corporate.
  • Stipulated deposit needs to be paid in case credit letter is not submitted or is incomplete with required details.

Emergency Hospitalization

  • In-case of emergency, admission can be done as a cash patient and stipulated deposit needs to be paid.
  • The patient can submit the credit letter with 24 hrs. Of admission or before discharge (whichever is earlier) to the Billing department after which the patient will be converted to a Credit patient.