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About Dental

An advanced dental speciality department, committed to total oral rehabilitation to enhance a perfect functional smile.

Maintains a dedicated implant and crown & bridge prosthodontic and endodontic practice

The goal of the department has been to retain natural teeth, replace the missing tooth structure, maintain function and esthetics and protect the teeth against fracture and infection.

Cutting edge technology have offered patients across the ages dental implants, exclusively using the Nobel Biocare System, as a successful alternative to dentures and traditional techniques.

The decayed and extensively worn and broken dentition in the young and old are suitably treated and rehabilitated with a multi disciplinary approach of interventional and prophylactic endodontic therapy with crown and bridge. The success behind this ideal is an integration of endodontic and restorative disciplines.

Periodontal therapy and minor oral surgical procedures performed on a routine basis by a team of visiting specialists.