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Dr. Nikhil  M. Bhagwat


Dr. Nikhil M. Bhagwat


  • M.D. ( Internal Medicine )
  • D.M. ( Endocrinology)

Specialization / Special Interests

  • Endocrinology
  • Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes
  • Preventive Diabetology
  • Growth and Puberty Disorders
  • Pediatric & Adolescent Endocrinology
  • Adrenal Disorders
  • Thyroid Disorders
  • Osteoporosis and Metabolic Bone Disease

Contact Info

Hospital No. : 022 - 69197788

Appointments / OPD Timings

Friday : 04:30 PM - 06:30 PM

Apart from routine consultations in Diabetes and Endocrinology, in last 14 years, I have got an opportunity to manage a variety of patients with problems associated with Diabetes and Endocrinology :

  • Type 1 Diabetics.
  • Emergencies like Diabetic Ketoacidosis, Hyperosmolar Non Ketotic Coma.
  • Type 2 Diabetics- problems with Glycemic Control, Complications, Infections ( Tuberculosis, Pneumonia, Pyelonepheritis, Urinary tract Infections etc), Management in Acute Cardiac Events & Stroke.
  • Pregnancy in Diabetes or Gestational diabetes.
  • Peri-operative control for major surgeries like Cardiac Bypass Surgery etc.
  • Thyroid Disorders.
  • Pituitary ( Tumors, Hypopitutarism, etc) and Adrenal Disorders.
  • Paediatric & Gynaec- Endocrinology.
  • Osteoporosis & Metabolic Bone Diseases.

Has been a Principal Investigator for many global Phase 2 and Phase 3 trials (15 Trials).

He has been invited as guest speaker at many conferences within the country and has presented several papers, dissertations and publications in his area of expertise.

Dr. Bhagwat is a member of the Endocrinology Society of India, Research Society for the study of Diabetes in India and The Endocrine Society (US).

A. R Sheth Award for Young Researcher in field of Endocrinology, Annual Conference of Endocrine Society Of India, Chennai, December 2000.

35 Publications in National And International peer reviewed Journals.

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