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About Gynaecology

Breach Candy Hospital Trust has a long legacy of providing exceptional health care for women.

Its maternity care services in particular have long been considered a benchmark for obstetric care in Mumbai.

The department has a distinguished roster of well known gynecologists, panel consultants and visiting doctors, many of them being consistently acknowledged to be Mumbai's Top Docs.

The Obstetric Unit

The obstetric unit is in a dedicated maternity wing on the first floor of the hospital, recently upgraded, elegantly designed and with comfortable rooms.The ward, labor rooms and delivery rooms have the latest monitors, equipment and delivery tables.

Nursing care is what Breach Candy Hospital Trust is renowned for and it is the maternity...

nursing staff assigned specifically to caring for mothers and babies that make the unit more special.

Having pioneered epidural analgesia in Mumbai, the department is supported by a team of excellent labor analgesia consultants. The unit has been acknowledged as being baby friendly and mothers are supported by qualified lactation consultants.

High risk pregnancies are managed with the support of round the clock imaging services, laboratory services, expert medical care and intensive care for complicated pregnancies.

The neonatal intensive care unit for preterm babies and sick newborns is considered one of the best in Mumbai.

From the very start of the pandemic the department continues to provide obstetric care for COVID positive mothers to date.

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The Gynaecology Unit

The consultants in the department are renowned surgeons, specializing in all types of gynecological surgery, including vaginal and endoscopic surgery.

The unit is supported by the other surgical specialities that Breach Candy Hospital Trust has, allowing for multispecialty care including...

gynecological endoscopy, oncology and urogynecology.

The operation theatres for endoscopic surgery, hysteroscopic and laparoscopic, are well equipped and managed by a specialized team of technicians.

Reproductive health for women is supported by the contraception and safe abortion services provided by the unit.

In recognition of the high standard of evidence based healthcare, the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences has recognised the department for conducting fellowship programs in high risk pregnancy and gynecological endoscopy.

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Cancer in Women in India

In India from 1990 to 2016 (26 year period), the burden of cancer has doubled, according to a LANCET study published in 2018. At about the same time United Nations announced as a Sustainable Development Goal that deaths due to cancer are abnormally high and need to be reduced by 30%.

Cervical cancer continues to be the commonest Cancer in women and WHO has given a call to eliminate this disease by 2030. It is primarily caused on Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). This has now become possible because of the availability of vaccines, many methods for screening women and availability of treatment modalities for pre and early cancers. Today Cervical Cancer is a Preventable Cancer and all efforts must be made to screen women when the disease is in pre invasive state.

These facilities are available at Breach Candy Hospital Trust. Screening by Pap smear and HPV testing is being done routinely. For those detected early, treatment by ablative and excisional methods can be done in this hospital. It will not be difficult to set up a Vaccination programme as the current vaccines are available and Indian Vaccine from Serum Institute of India will soon be introduced.

Breast Cancer Incidence has increased by 40.7%. In many urban centres, Breast Cancer has overtaken Cervical cancer as the number one cancer in women. Treatment if given in early stages gives excellent results and mortality can definitely be reduced by early detection. For this regular Breast check up by the patient herself or by a Physician is recommended. Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology (FNAC) is a main procedure which can be done at out patient clinic which will rule out cancer in any lump which can be detected by patient and physician. A periodic Mammography check up and close follow up of high risk cases is of great significance. These facilities are freely available in Breach Candy Hospital Trust.

Thus Breach Candy Hospital Trust is in an excellent position to promote the control of Breast and Cervical Cancer and is ideally suited to reduce the burden of these common Cancers in India. It will greatly contribute to the alleviation of human suffering which is the avowed goal for all Medical Services.