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Dr. Nadeem Rais



Workshop on Translational Leadership at the International School of Business, Hyderabad, India.

Psychological Profiling of Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. Workshop held in Paris,2012.

Adherence to Treatment from Concept to Practice Diabetes Education Study Group. Munich,2016.



Department of Endocrinology: K.E.M Hospital,Mumbai,1975-85.

Department of Endocrinology: Institute for Research in Reproduction University of Ulm,Mumbai,1982.

Department of Endocrinology: Institute for Research in Reproduction University of Ulm,Mumbai,1983.

Consultant Endocrinologist: Sir H.N Hospital,Mumbai,1985-2008.

Consultant Endocrinologist:SaifeeHospital,Mumbai,1980 -2016.

Consultant Endocrinologist: Breach Candy Hospital,Mumbai,1995-2016.



The E. Merck Award: Best Outgoing Student,1973.

The DRMSetty Gold Medal: Best Performance In all 3 years of MBBS,1973.

The GSF Fellowship , Munich Germany:The Study of Insulin Delivery Systems with and without Feedback Control in T1DM ,The University Of Ulm, Germany 1983.

The Master Clinician : Difficult Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus ,The Endocrine Society Meeting ,Houston ,2012.

The Master Clinician : Difficult type 2 diabetes nellitus,The Endocrine Society Meeting , San Francisco,2013.

President: Research Society for the Study of Diabetes in India,1988.



A phase 3 , Open label, parallel group study to evaluate the efficacy of Pre-prandial Human Insulin Inhalation Powder (HIIP) compared to pre-prandial Injectable Insulin in Patients with type 1 Diabetes Mellitus : Diabetes Technology and Therapeutics : 2010.

A pivotal Long term, Open label, parallel study of the efficacy and safety oh Human Insulin Inhalation powder in patients with Type 1 Diabetes mellitus : Diabetes Technology and Therapeutics : 2010.

Burden of Neuropathic pain in Indian patients attending Specialty Cinics: Results from a cross sectional study. 2008 World Society of pain. 1530-7085/08/515.00 Pain Practice 2008

Pregablin for peripheral Neuropathic Pain: Results of a multicenter, non-comparative, open label study in Indian patients. International Journal of Clinical practice. Volume 60, Issue 9 : 1060-1067: 2008.

Auto antibodies to the extra cellular domain of the calcium sensing receptors in patients with acquired hypoparathyroidism. : Li Y, Song Y, Rais N, Connor E, Schatz D, Muir A, MaclarenN . The Journal of Clinical Investigation 97 (4): 910-914,1996.

Islet Cell Reactivity in T1DM : Gender Differences : International Journal of DM in Tropical Countries,1990.

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